Shenzhen Grandtop Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2005, we are a manufacturer who are specialized in PCB Assembly (SMT, DIP, MI, AI) and electronic product final assembly in the top market for global customers. We have more than 10years of SMT manufacturing experience, a number of SMT ,DIP and assembly lines, offering one stop service from SMT,FPC,DIP, conformal coating, testing, final assembly, component procurement ,design, peripheral products support and so on. We are equipped with Fuji automatic solder paste printer ,and we provide a whole range of SPI,AOI,ICT,FCT,X-RAY,ROHS and aging testing for products. All our shop floors are dust free, all lines are lead free, boards are UL certified, we focus on top market customers, such as PCBAs on medical machines, industrial control machines, banking self-service machines and automobile.

Our advantages

Superior Quality

ISO9001 certified company, We have a very robust quality system and professional quality team;
Reliable Supply Chain,We have established long-term strategic cooperation with the top electronic components manufacturers all over the world, such as Xilinx, TI, Avnet, Future and etc;
High manufacturing capability, our PCB can reach a max layers of 64, minimum placement component size can meet 0201 and minimum placement spacing of BGA can meet 0.3mm;
We have complete inspection and testing for PCBA, including SPI、AOI、ICT、FCT、X-RAY、ROHS and aging.   

Fast Turnaround

We offer fast and opened BOM quotation to customers;
10 years of cooperation experience with European and North American clients, quickly and professionally respond customer requirements.

Turnkey Service

We professionally offer the service of PCB Assembly (SMT, DIP, MI, AI), component procurement, product final assembly, testing, PCBA conformal coating, electronic product design and peripheral products support, etc;

IP Protection

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, and besides we have warehouses in Hongkong, Europe and North America. We can prepare boards at the warehouse which is close to the customer and afford Kanban service according to customer requirements.

Your satisfaction is our ambitions,and your believing in us is our goal!