● 12x optical zoom

It adopts an integrated 72.5° wide-focus lens and 12x optical zoom.

● 1080P Full HD

It adopts a 1/2.8-inch, 2.07 million effective pixel high-quality HD CMOS sensor, which can achieve high-quality images with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080.

● Low latency

Pipeline image signal processing, no frame buffer, and delay as low as 10ms.

● Low illumination

The CMOS image sensor with ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio can effectively reduce the image noise under low illumination. At the same time, 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms are applied to greatly reduce the image noise. In the case of low illumination, the picture is still clean and clear. The ratio is as high as 55dB.

● Ultra high frame rate

The output frame rate under 1080P can reach up to 60fps, which meets the demand for smoothness of the picture while ensuring high definition.

● Exposure control algorithm

The Iridix exposure dynamic control algorithm based on the human eye model is adopted to make the image exposure uniform and strong sense of layering.

● Rich and complete interface

At the same time, it provides DVI-I (compatible with digital HDMI + analog YPbPr component) interface, SDI interface, and two channels of high-definition video can be output at the same time.

● Infrared transmission

I n f ra re d re m ote co n t ro l s i g n a l t ra n s pa re n t transmission function. In addition to receiving its own dedicated remote control signal, it can also receive the user's infrared remote control signal and send it to the video conference terminal through the VISCA IN port.