●New look
It adopts worm gear transmission design, new
appearance, mini shape, and two-color optional.
●72.5° wide-angle lens + 12x optical zoom
Using a 72.5° high-quality ultra-wide-angle lens,
the optical zoom reaches 12 times and supports 16 times digital zoom.
●Low illumination
The new CMOS image sensor can effectively reduce the image noise in low illumination conditions, while applying 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms, the image signal-to-noise ratio is as high as 55dB or more.
●Built-in microphone (optional)
Optional built-in microphone, pickup distance up to 6 meters, highly sensitive, low noise floor.
It adopts a high-quality HD CMOS sensor with
1/2.8 inches and 2.07 million effective pixels to
achieve high-quality images with a maximum
resolution of 1920x1080.
●remote control
Using RS232 and RS485 serial ports, the camera can be controlled.
●Ultra high frame rate
The output frame rate can reach 60fps under 1080P.